How to enjoy your holiday and not put on weight?

When you go out on a holiday or celebrate the holidays at home, you tend to relax your diet habits and also eat more. As a result you put on weight, particularly since you are probably not bothered about an exercise routine during holiday period. Whether you are parked at a hotel or staying at home, food is the main focus of holidays and most foods are heavily calorie laden so how do you avoid weight gain?  Here are seven strategies to do just that.

  1. Limit your alcohol intake – holidays are incomplete without alcohol whether it is hard drinks, cocktails or wine. You can limit your alcohol intake by adding water (plain or sparkling) to your drink and avoid huge fruity other cocktails that are very high in sugar. While juice may carry a healthy tag, the liqueurs and other additions to a cocktail are also high in calories and it is hard to stop at just one cocktail. Club soda with lemon is a great second drink and stops people from asking whether you are imbibing or not. 
  2. Shut out the snacks – with the drinks are snacks, often heaps of fried foods or high calorie dips. Alcohol calls for snacks so the more you drink, the more you snack, thus loading yourself up with even more calories. Have non-fried snacks if available. If you limit your alcohol intake, you will also limit your snack intake.
  3. Check out the buffet or food spread – select dishes that are seemingly low in calories and don’t overeat just because there is an abundance of food. Eat more of the veggies and fruits instead and opt for lean meats or fish. You won’t starve if you eat right.
  4. Ditch the desserts – it may not be realistic not to have any desserts, but you can just have a sample to satisfy your taste buds. In fact, a bit of ice-cream with fruit will be lower in calories than stodgy puddings and pies, often served with cream.
  5. Drink water – water actually reduces hunger pangs and fills you up. So drink plenty of water before, during and after a meal.
  6. Be active – go for leisurely walks, if nothing else. They are a great way to de-stress and also keep you active. If a strenuous game with friends or children or family is up your alley, then go ahead. If you are at a beach in fine weather, then do swim a lot.
  7. Keep your goals in mind – think of all the hard work you will have to do to get rid of the excess weight once the holidays are over.

Holidays are a time to enjoy and bond with family and friends. If you do over-indulge one day, try to go back to your diet goals the next in order to limit the damage. When you exercise a bit of control you will not have to endure heavy dieting and exercise after the holidays are over to fit into your regular clothes. 

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