How to choose right footwear for your feet

You are on your feet the whole day and if your feet get tired or you have corns, bunions, blisters or any other foot health problem, you suffer a great deal. Are you sure that you are wearing the right footwear or are you a slave to fashion? Often fashionable footwear may not house your feet comfortably, or you may wear high heels, shoes with narrow toes, footwear so tight that it can even affect circulation and uncomfortable soles. So how do you find the right footwear for your feet?

When you go to buy footwear

In most places closed footwear in the form of shoes are extremely popular due to weather. It is only in spring/summer or in warmer and more casual places that open footwear is a consideration. Don’t think that your size does not change over the years – your feet can swell up for one reason or the other and can become slimmer as well. Plus sizes vary across brands, so simply don’t buy footwear on size alone, but check the fitting. Among things you should keep in mind when buying the right footwear for your feet are:

  • The shoes should be comfortable and offer good support. The inner heel should feel soft and springy.
  • The shoes should not be too tight or too loose.
  • If the shoes have straps or Velcro fittings, they will offer a better grip. However, moccasins and slip-on offer ease of use, but they must fit properly.
  • If the heels are very high, your legs and feet will be thrown off balance and you can develop problems. 
  • Many people find that their feet swell up later in the day; if you are among them then it is best to buy footwear in the evenings.
  • Remember that natural materials allow your feet to breathe and are more comfortable. However, synthetic shoes are easy to take care of and are more impervious to weather changes. 
  • When buying shoes that you will use with socks, make sure to try them on with socks so you check the grip and comfort.

You should keep a number of different footwear and alternate them, not only during weather changes, but also during the day so that your feet do not get constricted in any way. If you indulge in sporting activities buying the right footwear at a sports or athletics shop is advisable so that you can buy the right footwear for your feet and for the sport. 

Remember that ill-fitting shoes can lead to deformed feet over a period of time and even aggravate arthritis. You can also suffer from conditions like 

  • Athlete’s foot
  • In-grown toenails
  • Blisters
  • Corns, calluses and bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis

Any of these can make walking difficult and also take long to heal. Don’t wear footwear that aggravates these conditions if they are already pre-existing and do take the right treatment for a cure. 

It is crucial that you always wear comfortable footwear at all times for feet health and not blindly give in to the dictates of fashion. If you must wear heels or fancy footwear, make sure you do it for the least possible time. 

What kind of footwear is your favorite?

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