Boost your energy with daily routine of 20 minutes lean lifting

You don’t have to sweat it out for hours every day at a gym or at home. By doing the right exercises with the right weights, you can build and tone your muscles in as little as 20 minutes lean lifting a day. You will be able to lose fat and gain muscle, become fit and healthy and have more energy when you do your lean lifting correctly. Most people don’t necessarily want to develop abs or arm muscles, they simply want to look and feel good. 

For free weight lifting, ideally you should buy the weights that you require, but if you want to start off simply, you can fill and use water bottles or even heavy cans. You can then graduate to proper weights and later increase the weights as you get used to the smaller ones and do not get the required resistance training. For heavier weight lifting you will need barbells or dumbbells. Or you can go to the gym and use the machines that exercise muscles you cannot do with free weights. Each complements the other. 

Starting your routine

Don’t forget to do some gentle warm-up and stretching exercises before you start your weight lifting. If you can afford it take some training from an expert before lifting weights. You need not do weight lifting every day; three times a week or every alternate day is fine; do cardio or other exercises on the non-weight lifting days. Select different sets to work-out various muscles and do each set between 5 and 15 times. As you increase the weights, your reps may decrease, but as your body get used the extra weight, you will be able to increase the reps.  Rest for a minute between sets to get the most benefits from the lean lifting. 

A trainer will help show you the right body balance and the correct moves so that you reap the benefits. Weight lifting exercises have to be done carefully otherwise you can injure various muscles, throw out your back or even hurt your legs or ankles, not to mention your arms and hands. 

Lean lifting benefits

Apart from toning muscles and becoming fit, lean lifting has many not so obvious health benefits including

  • Better brain activity
  • Stronger skeletal muscle, reducing the risk of later joint problems
  • Motor units in the muscles get activated
  • Joints remain flexible as long as you continue your exercise regime
  • Helps with age-related bone loss and loss of muscle mass
  • Weight training improves blood sugar levels and controls and reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Improves muscle coordination
  • Helps with stability and balance
  • Improves cardiovascular health

What is important is that you continue any exercise regime that you start, because once you build muscle and then don’t continue, the muscle will quickly turn into fat. However, once you have built the body you want, you can adopt a maintenance program which will not be difficult to do, but will enable you to keep your body fit thanks to just 20 minutes lean lifting techniques.  

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