9 secret home remedies for your dry lips

Dry lips can occur in winter or in summer because the natural moisture of the lips is lost. Lips can also become dry due to certain medications, frequent licking of lips, smoking or some diseases. Dry lips can become flaky, red, chapped and even cracked and this can lead to infection and pain. The best way to avoid dry lips is prevention, by keeping lips moist, using a chap stick or lip balm regularly, several times daily. However, if you have already developed dry lips here are some home remedies that will help you. Some of these serve to remove the dead skin, while others work as emollients. Home remedies are better because they use natural ingredients and will not harm the digestive system or mouth since what’s put on the lips usually goes inside your mouth and stomach. 

  1. Sugar grains – these can be used to exfoliate your lips. Rub grains of sugar sideways on your lips to remove dead or peeling skin. Sugar also helps the skin heal.
  2. Oil – use edible oils on your lips. Coconut oil, olive oil or any other oil can help smooth the lips and keep them from becoming dryer. They seal in the natural moisture and prevent weather from damaging your lips.
  3. Cucumber juice – puree some cucumber and use the juice several times a day. It has healing and cooling properties and will help reduce dryness. You can also cut a cucumber and rub a slice over your lips.
  4. Rose petals – crush rose petals and mix with glycerin. Apply generously on lips several times daily.
  5. Honey – great for chapped lips. Use several times a day and don’t lick your lips after slathering honey. 
  6. Aloe vera – the natural liquid from this plant has many miraculous properties. It is very soothing and you need to apply the juice several times a day.
  7. Vitamin E oil – cut a capsule of Vitamin E and apply the oil on your lips. You can even prick the capsule with a sterilized needle or pin and squeeze out as much as required, keeping the rest of the capsule in an air-tight container.
  8. Vegetable shortening or butter fat/clarified butter (ghee) – use this in the night or whenever you are home for superior protection against dry lips and to heal lips that are already dry. 
  9. Cocoa butter – great for keeping lips moist. Soften before using. 

While these home remedies will help you control dry lips, if you have an underlying disorder or illness you need to get it checked out. You should also make sure that your drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat a good nutritious diet since diet has an effect on lip health as well. In case you develop sores or bleeding on the lips, you should seek medical guidance. 

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