5 top salad tricks to help you reduce weight

If you eat a lot of salad in an effort to lose weight, but still don’t reach your goal weight, there must be something you are doing wrong. What could it be and how can you make sure that your salad eating actually helps in your efforts to lose weight?

  1. Ditch the dressing Can you really have an undressed salad? You can, but it may not taste good. So ditch that heavy, creamy, oily dressing or even the so called low calorie one that contains a lot of additives and fillers, no real taste and simply gives you the satisfaction that you are putting a salad dressing. Make your own salad dressing that will help you lose weight. Use some olive oil (not a lot), lemon juice (or any other citrus juice), balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar (excellent for weight loss) mixed with condiments and herbs. For a creamy dressing base, use mashed avocado, thick yoghurt or even hung yoghurt. Fresh herbs add more taste and flavor to the salad.

  2. Use mixed greens A healthy mixture of greens will add more carotenoids and flavonoids to your daily diet. You can also add cooked or uncooked vegetables and even fruits to your salad bowl to make it more nutritious. Vegetables that need to be cooked should be lightly steamed.

  3. Don’t forget the protein If the salad is your complete meal, it must provide protein. For protein the best sources are the low calorie ones: some lightly cooked chicken, fish or even turkey, hard-boiled egg, a little cheese or even some cottage cheese add dollops of flavor and protein to your bowl of salad. You can also add cooked beans and lentils in your salad, once again packing a nutritional punch. 

  4. Pack the punch Avoid the fried croutons that may add bulk to your salad. Opt for nuts and seeds that will add more nutritious value to your salad and give you a better tasting salad as well. Nuts and seeds are high in antioxidants and also add more protein to your diet. 

  5. What about carbs? A bowl of greens with other stuff thrown in will not satisfy your hunger for very long or provide you with much energy. This will lead to a sugar slump and when hunger hits you will reach for high calorie foods, not a great idea for weight loss. So add some carbs to your salad. You can use quinoa, brown rice or even some toasted brown bread or low fat crackers.

Your salad can feature great tasting foods and help meet your daily quota of vegetables and fruits. At the same time it can help you lose weight without hunger pangs that are the downfall of many dieters. Don’t forget to vary your daily salad not only for taste but also for nutritional reasons. Do you have any salad tips you would like to share?

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