5 Home Remedies to get rid of dark underarms

Most women face the problem of dark underarms at some point which restricts their wardrobe options. Women love wearing spaghetti, strapless gowns and sleeveless outfits but dark underarms cause embarrassment. Being cautious everytime sacrifices your freedom, Your underarms may have gone dark due to some of the mistakes by shaving, regular use of alcohol based deodorants, using chemical based hair removing creams and excessive sweating. Well let’s not leave them dark as there are many home remedies for whitening dark underarms.


Rub a thick slice of lemon daily on a dark area before you go to have a bath.This will remove dead skin cells and lighten the skin. Apply moisturizer after bath as lemon tends to make skin dry. You can also add a pinch of turmeric, honey or yoghurt to lemon juice and make a paste, leave for about ten minutes on underarms and wash it off. Repeat three or four times a week. . 


Take a thin slice of potato and rub your underarms with it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off. You can also grate a potato and use its juice. Apply this for ten minutes with the help of fingers or cotton ball and rinse. 


Cucumber is another natural ingredient that has skin lightening properties like potatoes. You can rub cucumber slices or apply its juice on your underarms. Repeat daily and see the difference.


Orange peel acts as a natural scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. Dry out the orange peels in sunshine and grind it. Mix the powdered form with milk and rosewater to form a thick paste .Apply this paste and gently scrub your underarms for 5 minutes. Finish by washing it with cold water.


Pumice stone is a light-weight hardened lava foam used to remove dead skin cells by gently rubbing on the affected area. It is easily available in drug stores or beauty supply stores. Wet the stone thoroughly and use twice or thrice a week to remove dead skin cells. 

These are some of the home remedies which need efforts, time and patience to get good results.Also avoid shaving and start waxing your underarms which generally is the main cause for dark underarms. Skip using deodorants which often darken underarms. Use any of the home remedies which suits your skin.

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