3 ways to enhance your sexual connection with your partner

Whether you are in a marriage or a partnership it is important that you establish and enhance your sexual connection with your partner. In a steady relationship it is easy for sex to become repetitive and boring, sometimes even a chore. However, sex is a vital part of a relationship and helps establish bonding in many other areas of life as well. And if you are caught up in the minutiae of daily life and have to fix a day for sex, do it. Sexual intimacy improves all areas of your life together. There is nothing wrong if you have a sex schedule if required. Here are 3 ways to enhance your sexual connection with you partner.

Keep actual sex off the table

If both of you exert control you can do a lot without actual intercourse, because intercourse comes with its own set of expectations. Start by simple touching, holding hands, hugging and even talking just as you were doing in the early stages of your relationship. Kissing, cuddling, foreplay and all kinds of fun and excitement add to intimacy when it eventually does occur. You can also do massages, erotica or even play strip cards to enjoy the time you spend together. Take a bath together – it can be invigorating and you get cleaner, too, with someone else to scrub your back!

Have sex in another place

The bed may be comfortable and something you are used to. If you want to enhance your sexual connection, you should add some spice to your life. As long as you have the required privacy, have sex in another place. The floor, in front of the fire place, in the kitchen and in the study are some of the different places you can explore. Similarly, try another sexual position. For all this you need to be comfortable with each other’s bodies and physicality. 

Use sex toys

You may balk at this suggestion, but using sex aids and toys can add another dimension to your sex life, providing both of you are comfortable with whatever you want to use. Whether you want to use vibrators or S&M gear or even feathers or anything else you should try them. If it does not work for you, at least you will have tried. If the idea of going to a shop is uncomfortable, you can always order these aids online.

When you enhance your sexual connection with you partner, you lay the foundation of a more enduring relationship. With a fulfilled sex life you will find that the intimacy and friendship and connection spills over to all areas of your life and you both feel more in love with each other. And when you add variety to your sex life, you can have a great long-term relationship, where arguments and conflicts are more easily resolved, even if they occur. 

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