10 signs that you are suffering from depression

It is very hard for all people to be optimistic all the time. However, having an occasional down day and suffering from depression are two very different things.  You may have depression and not even know it. Here are 10 signs that you are suffering from depression.

  1. Concentration problems – if you find that you can no longer concentrate, you have difficulty in doing things that you always did and you find it very difficult to make even every day decisions. You can’t read the newspaper, watch television or even listen to music and enjoy it. 
  2. Constant tiredness – feelings of fatigue even if you have got enough rest and there is no physical reason for the tiredness. You may get up in the morning and wonder why you have to face yet another day and then muddle through the day and go to bed even more exhausted
  3. Sleeping difficulties – this may range from insomnia, going to sleep and then waking up and lying awake in the middle of the night (secondary insomnia), over sleeping and sleeping at odd hours. This is particularly significant if you earlier had no problems sleeping. 
  4. Eating problems – not feeling hungry, not eating or feeling constantly ravenous and over-eating. You may actually not eat and lose a lot of weight or eat a lot and put on weight. 
  5. Irritability – you are constantly irritated by even the smallest things and issues. You lose your temper over trivial things that earlier you used to take in your stride.
  6. Self-blame – if you feel guilty about everything and blame yourself for all kinds of problems that you may or may not have. You have feelings of worthlessness and emptiness, accompanied by immense sadness. You may burst into tears at any time. 
  7. No interest in normal activities – these may include hobbies, socializing, work and family or things that you earlier found interesting and pleasurable (including sex)
  8. Reckless behavior – driving too fast, consuming alcohol or substance abuse in an abnormal way without caring for the consequences.
  9. Inexplicable aches and pains – constantly suffering from headaches, joint pains, digestive disturbances and backache without any underlying physical reason.
  10. Feeling suicidal – thoughts of suicide constantly in your mind, thinking about ways to commit suicide.

Many people suffer from depression and don’t know it, attributing their feelings to any outside cause. The fact is that depression can be helped provided you take medical guidance soon as medicines and support can help you tide over the problem and difficult times.

Depression can occur at any age; even children and pets can suffer from depression. It is important to recognize that you are depressed and acknowledge that you need help. There is no point in thinking that you are strong enough to ride through it without any help. You may not need to visit a psychiatrist or mental health expert if you have a strong family and social network and can work through your problems, but if you need help, you should not hesitate to get it.

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