10 natural ways to get over depression

If you think you are suffering from depression (read 10 signs that you are suffering from depression) there are some things that you can do to help you tide over your depression. These can help if you are feeling blue or sad, are mildly depressed or don’t want to see a health professional

  1. Stop the blame game – if you feel guilty and blame yourself for all kinds of things, channel your anger and feelings of worthlessness into another activity. Do volunteer work if you have time – it will help others and you will also bolster your self esteem.
  2. Plough through your normal activities – if you no longer find reading or watching movies or pursuing your hobbies enjoyable any more you can continue doing them so that your interest restarts or take a break and take up something new instead to fill the void. 
  3. Don’t isolate yourself – even if you don’t feel like it, meet your friends, neighbors, relatives, go out with co-workers. Don’t be constantly alone. If nothing else, join a support group. 
  4. Humor helps – if you read a funny book, watch a comedy show or a movie or go for a stand-up comedy show it will help you get over your depression. Laughter is the best medicine.
  5. Deal with tiredness and fatigue – there may be a physical reason for your tiredness and lethargy. You may suffer from nutritional deficiencies without being aware of it and going to a doctor may help you fix the cause.
  6. Banish negative thoughts – sometimes that voice in your head is the one you should not listen to, particularly if it keeps on reinforcing negative behavior or thoughts. Practice mindful positivity. 
  7. Check your diet – make sure that you eat on time, whether you feel like or not. If you are overweight due to emotional eating and taking comfort in food, change your food habits.
  8. Meditate or practice stress reduction – constant irritability is another symptom of depression. You can keep calm using meditation or other stress reduction techniques. 
  9. Treat aches and pains – non-specific aches and pains and even digestive disorders may be symptom of depression, but they can have an organic or physical cause as well. Get the right investigations done to make sure that there is no actual cause for the aches, pains and digestive disorders. 
  10. Take care of a pet – people who pets are less likely to suffer from depression. If you have a pet, you will be forced to take care of it be more responsible and active, and you can talk to a pet – this is very therapeutic. 

While these steps can help you overcome depression, remember that if you are actually feeling suicidal or indulge in reckless and life endangering behavior, you do need medical help. Medications can help treat depression and if you don’t want to opt for allopathic treatment, you can try alternative remedies. You can successfully get over depression because it can be treated with medication and also self-help techniques

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