10 habits to improve your confidence

Many people suffer from lack of confidence whether it is in the workplace or in a social situation or even at home. People may be shy and reserved, afraid to take risks, wary of interaction with others, timid, introverted or have self-esteem issues. Some people are easily intimidated and admire and look up to those who appear confident and masterful. However, with a little practice you can improve your confidence. Here are 10 habits to improve your self confidence:

  1. Get out of the negative rut – negative thoughts pull you down and have a built-in failure factor. The moment you start thinking that you are going to fail, you are setting limits on yourself and setting yourself up for failure. Push away negative thinking and say to yourself, ‘I can do it’, whatever it is. Adopting positive thinking is the first step towards improving your confidence. 
  2. Take risks – risk-taking is a badge of the confident. It is very important to step out of your comfort zone at least once daily. Take baby steps and you will be able to take bigger risks as time goes by. When opportunities arise to take big risks (whether it is a new job, new responsibilities, extra work or starting a relationship ) you will be in a position to do so without too much effort.
  3. Take care of your looks – make sure that you wear good clothes and take care of personal hygiene. Looking scruffy is not going to inspire confidence in anyone, least of all yourself. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.
  4. Make sure that eat properly – don’t be shy when eating. Eat nutritious food at meal times. If your weight bothers you, do something about it, rather than belaboring that you don’t look good because of your weight.
  5. Learn to move on – if you hold on to grudges, perceived slights, insults, negative comments, you are only pulling yourself down. These are negative emotions. Whatever has happened is now over – focus on today (the rest of the day) and tomorrow.
  6. Exercise – if you are physically fit, you will be more confident and your body language will change. Your health will also improve. Do you know of anyone who is successful who does not look good?
  7. Challenge yourself – do something new, something that you could never have thought you could do. Just start by signing up for a class or watch a different kind of movie or climb a mountain!
  8. Take an assertiveness training or a public speaking course (or both) – this will help you get rid of your negativity and also make you more assertive. 
  9. Think of all that you have done till now – this will give you confidence. List all that you have achieved and feel proud of yourself. Be grateful you have done so much and achieved so much. Make a list of all you have done and read it often. This will enhance positive feelings and make you happy.
  10. Don’t be afraid of fear – challenge your fears whether it is entering a dark room or sleeping alone, eating alone in a restaurant or talking to someone high up or anything whatsoever. Everybody is a person and a human being and it is natural of human beings to be afraid at times. 

Don’t wait for the right time or the right place to start – do it right now. You will soon find that you have developed a more confident and assertive personality. 

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