10 everyday helpful tips to healthy pet care

Your pet is a valued member of your household, a loved companion who shares all your secrets and welcomes you home. You need to make sure that you practice healthy pet care so that your pet lives a long life, free of disease and ill-health. Here are 10 tips for healthy pet care

  1. Food – make sure that your pet’s diet is of good quality and it does not get forbidden treats. High quality pet food may be expensive, but will be worth it in the long run. It is also crucial to see that your pet does not become obese as increasingly pets are facing fatness which slows them down, causes diseases and also reduces the life span. And you do want your pet around as long as possible, don’t you?
  2. Exercise – while it is important that dogs get taken out regularly, even cats do need exercise. In fact, whichever kind pet you have, it should get fresh air and movement. Make sure that your pet gets the required amount of exercise so that it is fit.
  3. Play – spend time playing with your pets. This will help you de-stress and also give your pet something to look forward to. Quality time helps in maintaining physical and mental health. 
  4. Medical care – make sure that you take your pet regularly to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations. If your pet is otherwise healthy, do take it for a yearly check-up in the very least.  This will ensure that your pet is healthy and free of disease.
  5. Hygiene – make sure that your pet is clean at all times and give it a bath regularly. This will keep it free of ticks and mites and keep its coat healthy.
  6. Weather – protect your pet from sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration in summer and hot dry weather. In winter, if your pet does not naturally have a thick coat it may well require some winter pet gear. Pets are also prone to hypothermia in cold weather and when the weather is very frosty, it may be better off at home. 
  7. Safety in and around the house – make sure that poisonous and corrosive substances (household cleaners, bleach, acid or medicines, pills and potions) are not within any pet’s reach. If you have a garden that the pet roams around in, don’t keep any poisonous plants there. Make sure that pets will not accidently get burnt in an open fire place or heater. Your house should be pet-proofed as well. 
  8. Sleeping – your pet needs its sleep and rest. Give it a comfortable place to lie down and offer it a choice if possible, till it gets habituated to a designated area for sleep. 
  9. Neuter your pet – you may want to neuter or spay your pet. Neutered pets are better behalves and more attentive to their owners.
  10. Dental issues – Cats and dogs benefit from regular dental care. Use old or special toothbrushes to clean your pet’s teeth. This will reduce bad breath and gum disease.

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